December 1, 2020

Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity – University of Minnesota School of Law

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The Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity investigates the ways that laws, policies and practices affect development patterns in U.S. metropolitan regions, with a particular focus on the growing social and economic disparities within these areas.

The Institute’s research focuses on these areas:

  • School Studies: Research on segregation by race and income in America’s schools; fiscal stress in local school districts; performance of charter schools; relationships between school and neighborhood transition; and public policies to reduce racial and income disparities in school/student performance.
  • Metro Area Studies: Studies of demographic, economic and policy trends in American metropolitan highlighting issues associated with uneven growth, segregation, the geography of opportunity, criminal justice, the environment and public finance.
  • Housing and Planning Studies: Work investigating affordable and subsidized housing policy; regional governance; discriminatory mortgage lending practices; racial integration; and land use, environmental and transportation planning.
  • Maps and Data: Maps, data and presentations with a wide variety of information on more than 50 American metropolitan areas, developed by IMO in the course of its research and outreach activities.  *New election maps and updated school maps are available.