September 30, 2020

George Liele and the Ethiopian Baptist Church: The First Credible Baptist Missionary Witness to the World 1783 - 1865

"Asked to determine the foundations of Jamaican Christianity and Baptist mission, most British Caribbean Baptists in Britain and the Caribbean would talk of the arrival of missionaries William Knibb and Thomas Burchell as the leading pioneers of European missionary movement during the nineteenth century, or tell of such giants of mission as William Carey and Adoniram Judson. Such views are supported by an esteemed number of academics such as Shirley Gordon and Robert Stewart who also locate the emergence of Jamaican Christianity in the nineteenth century missionary movement, describing all that came before them as practitioners of African religion steeped in syncretic practices which they often camouflaged under the Christian label of ‘native Baptists.’ Yet the reality of the evolution of Jamaican Christianity and subsequent religious perspectives, rather than being located in Eurocentric Christianity, can be located in one of, if not the most successful Baptist missionary movement which preceded the BMS and William Cary by 10 years and Adoniram Judson and the American Baptist Missionary Union by 32 years – the Ethiopian Baptists (EB), led by a once enslaved African American, George Liele." - Quoted from the Abstract in the PDF, below

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